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35 before 35

Chiaki Creates - 35 Before 35 chiakicreates.comI found writing my 30 Before 30 list very motivating so I decided to write another list of life goals. I will turn 35 in September 2019 so I’m giving myself plenty of time to accomplish everything.

1. Join a book club.

2. Go on a holiday with my best friend.

3. Write and publish at least one book.

4. Move to Brighton.

5. Attend a literary event.

6. Stop taking the pill.

7. Visit Japan.

8. Cut out meat and most processed food again.

9. Go on a weekend writing retreat.

10. Pay off my student loan.

11. Move into a house and make it a home.

12. Take a writing course.

13. Become a Cats Protection Sponsor.

14. Visit Ireland.

15. Publish at least one article in print.

16. Adopt a cat.

17. Start regularly putting money into my savings account again.

18. See my brother who I haven’t seen since 2011.

19. Make some close friends where I live.

20. Start getting dolled up more often.

21. Become a mother.

22. Go on another holiday with my dear Bridgeen.

23. See Dylan Moran live again.

24. Get married.

25. Start taking Japanese evening classes.

26. Learn how to set healthy boundaries.

27. Grow my hair out.

28. Start celebrating things and create my own family traditions.

29. Make enough money writing to not need a full time day job.

30. Publish at least one personal essay.

31. Minimise my refined sugar intake again.

32. Renew my passport.

33. Attend a live podcast recording.

34. Start a retro lingerie collection again.

35. Find a skincare routine that works for me.